Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isn't Idol Worship Idol Worship?

See any difference in this practice? One is the Mt. Carmel Festival in Hammonton, in which patrons pin money on the statue of St. Joseph. The other is the Babylonians worshipping a gold bull. What's the difference? Another of life's/religion's mysteries to me.


Pax Romano said...

Oh Karl, you anti-Catholic!

Pinning money to the Holy Mother has NOTHING to do with worship, AND EVERYTHING to do with buying your way into heaven.

At we (speaking as ex Catholic) never sacrificed bulls.

Pax Romano said...

I meant to say:

"At least we (speaking as an Ex Catholic) never sacrificed bulls."

Karl said...

Well, do you really think those people realize they are not worshipping the statue? I doubt it!

mommanator said...

They had one smash up festival this year-they be partying the whole week! they even had LOUD fireworks this year! could hear all eve the 16th! Sure seems like idol worship to me- have ya ever been downtown during the event!
I have mistakedly gone downtown twice in the past couple of years forgetting it was the 16th!

Pax Romano said...

Actually, a sub-sect of Catholics (Known as the Marion's) due indeed worship Mother Mary. If memory serves, Mary holds a very venerated place for most Catholics, and she is worshiped along with Jesus and God the Father (see, "Hail Mary").

Catholics love their statues and saints. It's a throw back to when the churches over threw the pagan churches and did away with all of the lesser gods.

Besides, all religion is nothing more than the opiate for the masses.

Karl said...

Oh You Marxist! (Or was that Nietsche?).

Such wisdom in your old age!

Merci said...

I am assured by the resident (non-practicing) Catholic that statues are not worshipped and that, while Mary and the saints are prayed to, it is only intercessary prayer, not worhip. "Hail Mary" is something like saying, "Greetings, Mary."

Still, there seems to be a lot of room for misunderstanding by the average man, and the superstitions that arise around statues, relics and religious leaders seem to be played out to the maximum in some sectors.

I have the protestant simplicity drilled into me, and I don't like graven images.