Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AARP Tries To Set The Record Straight

A friend of mine (Thank you, Mommanator) recently sent me an e-mail from AARP trying to break some of the myths about Health Care Reform as it relates to Seniors. Here's some clarification from AARP:

1. Your choice of doctor and hospital is protected under all three major bills under discussion.

2. Drugmakers will voluntarily cut in half the cost of name-brand drugs provided for those who fall into the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole" or coverage gap.

3. Both the Senate Finance Committee and House "Tri-Committee" plans eliminate Medicare copayments and deductibles you currently pay for preventive care services, such as cancer screenings.

4. Current versions of health reform legislation require your health insurer to pay you back if they spend less than 85 percent of premium dollars on the care of patients -- in other words, if their overhead and profit costs exceed 15 percent.

The AARP goes on to state, "When opponents of health reform talk about Medicare "cuts," here's what they point to: Provisions now before Congress currently would reduce taxpayer-financed subsidies paid to some private insurance companies to provide care under the Medicare name. (Here's a Families USA study on these plans.) These plans currently get paid extra to provide the same care as traditional Medicare provides. That's a fact that health-reform opponents never mention."


mommanator said...

see I do read other things besides posts! hehe

Karl said...

Of course I do!

Merci said...

Will all doctors have to accept the plan?