Sunday, August 09, 2009

Maybe Not What We Expected

So nobody miscontrues my meaning here, let me start off by stating that I still support President Obama completely! I trust him completely! I favor what he has done thus far. Howerver, the latest edition of The Advocate contains an interesting article about Barack Obama, the candidate, and his promises to the LGBT community, compared to President Barack Obama's actions thus far on those promises. I admit President Obama has failed thus far!

On the main issues facing the LGBT community in reference to the federal government here is the scorecard:

1. Federal hate-crimes legislation: Candidate Obama pushed this. President Obama has promised to sign the current bill....A+;
2. Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Candidate Obama wanted gender identity to be included in any non-discrimination law. President Obama has not clearly been lobbying for the bill....B;
3. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Candidate Obama said he would repeal this. President Obama has resisted lifting DADT by executive order. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has been given the task of reviewing DADT, but President Obama has not done much....C-;
4. Defense of Marriage Act: Candidate Obama stated he wanted to do away with DOMA and that LGBT individuals should be provided the same benefits as hetero-couples. President Obama has only mentioned a DOMA repeal while signing his memorandum granting same-sex federal employees benefits. President Obama has done little to lobby for the repeal of DOMA, and a Justice Department brief filed in June indicates the President will support DOMA until Congress takes legislative action to repeal DOMA.....F.

It's about time President Obama do more for the LGBT community that supported him! It's very disappointing thus far!

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Merci said...

I hope he's working on his promises behind the scenes, laying the groundwork.