Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Marine's Story

Iraq vet, Jimmy Massey, has a new book out, "Kill, Kill, Kill." In the book, Massey, a former staff sargeant, explains why the US faces such bloody insurgency in Iraq, and he discusses some of the atrocities the US has committed. Massey contends that US military training has created troops so desensitised to violence that battleground brutality in Iraq is rampant -- and has helped fuel the bloody insurgency seen there today. Massey says that the daily attacks against US troops are occurring "because of the brutality that the Iraqi people saw at the start of the invasion." According to Massey, US troops, including Massey and other Marines, killed dozens of unarmed Iraqi civilians because of an exaggerated sense of threat, and that they often experienced sexual-type thrills doing so. Of course a Pentagon spokeswoman said that Massey's allegations had been investigated and found to be unsubstantiated. Is Massey another voice of opposition that the Bush Administration will try to make out to be a total idiot? It's quite amazing how many people leave the Bush Administration, or how many soldiers leave the military, serving this country in a commendable manner, then all of a sudden they're blooming morons.

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Medbh said...

thank you for that link, I'm going to pick up the book. I hadn't heard of this person before, but his story certainly lends credence to other stories I've read that spoke of the brutality.