Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pope's Continued Stance Against Gays

Daniel Williams of the Washington Post, has again brought to light Pope Benedict 16th’s opposition to homosexuality. In the past 5 months, the Pope has continued to make known his stance against homosexuality. This message has become one of the prime themes of the new Pope. Even before becoming Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was very outspoken against homosexuality.
In addition to issuing new guidelines to inhibit gays from entering the priesthood, Pope Benedict 16th has fought against gay marriage. He is definitely not a friend to the gays. Critics have said that Benedict is simply preoccupied with sex. “It’s an obsession,” said Alessio de Giorgi, founder of a gay website that supports legal rights for gay couples.
In April 2005, Benedict condemned the government of Spain for legalizing gay marriage. In May, more than 100 parishioners in St. Paul, Minnesota were denied communion because they wore rainbow colored sashes to support gay Catholics.
Isn’t a shame the Pope has not spoken out against sexual abuse of children as much as he has against the opposition to equal rights for gays? Not a whole lot out of the Vatican condemning this heinous crime, which in my humble opinion, is much more of a threat to society, and yes, even the sanctity of marriage, than gay unions. (Let’s face it, kids that are victims of sexual molestation remain screwed up for life. Relationship issues and even criminal issues are just a couple of the results of molestation).
Again, as I have written before, how any gay man or woman can remain faithful to the Catholic Church is beyond my comprehension. Even the scriptures say there are a variety of ministries, all of which proclaim faith in God. The Catholic Church is not the only way to practice one’s faith as so many Catholics seem to think.

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