Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tired of Campaign Ads Yet?

Anyone else sick and tired of hearing or seeing campaign ads yet? I have been for weeks now. No matter what tv or radio station I put on, the ads are there. An ad plays for Joe Blow, saying what he is in favor of or how much his opponent will destroy you, then either the next ad, or a couple minutes later, there's the ad for Sam Sucks, refuting what was just said about him and telling you Joe Blow will make your life miserable. And every ad is so exaggerated and full of mistruths (I won't call them lies). I really believe most people just tune these ads out anyway, so I really don't know why candidates spend so much money on them.
Every Sunday, The Press of Atlantic City has been examining the commercials of candidates to explain the accuracy of the ads. It is interesting to see what is really truth and what is exaggeration. One example given is that one candidate for governor voted a gizzilion times (now I'm exaggerating) to raise taxes on the lower class. True? Not totally, but everytime the candidate in question voted for the Bush tax cuts, this was considered a vote to raise taxes for the lower-middle class. So, not completely accurate, but stretched truth.
With all the talk of campaign reform, I think there needs to be discussion about limiting campaign ads. They start way too early. There is no reason I have to start hearing or seeing this nonsense in August, or even earlier. PLEASE! At least let me wait until October to begin being bombarded. And maybe limits on the number of ads per day per station should be considered. Every 5 minutes is entirely too much to have to be tortured.
I really don't want to, nor do I think I'd really be able to, turn off my radio and tv the entire campaign season, but sometimes I really feel like doing just that!

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