Wednesday, January 11, 2006

King George Calls For Silence

George Bush has again warned critics of the war in Iraq to be careful what they say, so as "not (to bring) comfort to our adversaries." And even though he hasn't called for compete silence, he wants debate over the war that "brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to our adversaries." I am sure Bush would rather there be no debate over what he is doing in Iraq. When the war began, critics were afraid to speak; 911 had just happened and saying anything in contrary to Bush's "war on terror" was seen as unpatriotic. Maybe if more debate had taken place the US would not be in Iraq today and 2,200+ American soldiers would be alive today. And maybe thousands of Iraqis would still be alive, and Saddam Hussein defeated anyway. (There were certainly other methods of getting rid of Hussein). If Bush were King, he'd have anyone who criticized the war placed in prison as traitors. And who knows, the way things are going, Bush still may be able to do so. He can illegally approve wiretapping, mail-reading, and other techniques to fight the "war on terror" so who knows what Mr. Bush might get away with in the future!

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