Sunday, January 29, 2006

NJ & PA Battle Over Mud

Today's The Press of Atlantic City had an article about the quiet quarrel that has been going on between NJ and PA on whether to make a 103 mile stretch of the Delaware River 5 feet deeper so larger ships can sail into the port of Philadelphia. PA wants the Delaware deepened to compete with other ports along the east coast. NJ lawmakers say the dredging project is economically and enviornmentally unsound. The quarrel is about to "flow downstream into the nation's capital."
Rick Santorum, Republican Senator from PA has threatened to block any federal legislation that benefits NJ if the state continues to oppose the river dredging project. Ed Rendell, Governor of PA, said he would stop commuter trains from running into PA if NJ continues to oppose the project. But NJ remains unswayed. Rendell has pledged that if NJ supports the dredging, PA will take 75% of the mud, with NJ taking the remaining 25%. But many New Jerseyans question whether Rendell will keep his promise.
Politics, of course, comes into play. Santorum and Rendell both face upcoming elections, so they want their constituents to view them as pushing the dredging project to benefit PA. And NJ legislators do not want to be seen as caving in to more mud than promised.
So, I would say, come on boys. Let's come to some agreement that can benefit both NJ and PA. Let's be neighborly. And besides, I still want to use the train to come to Philly if I choose.

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PaxRomano said...

Ultimately, what is politics if not mudslinging?