Monday, January 30, 2006

Bush's State of the Union Address? No Thanks!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I will not be watching President Bush's State of the Union Address tomorrow night. I simply cannot watch that man speak! First of all, I am embarrassed for Mr. Bush. Granted, his address will be scripted, and I am sure he will have practiced it several times, but I cannot watch him fumble around and savagely murder the English language. And secondly, I am embarrassed for the US! This is supposed to be our leader! But the man cannot even speak! Below are just a few "Bushisms" that I found on the net:
"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" —George W. Bush
"Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicines as we used to know it."
"I have a different vision of leadership. A leadership is someone who brings people together." —Bartlett, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2000
"Will the highways on the Internet become more few?"—Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000
Not everyone shares my views. One writer that I found actually believes, "George W. Bush is not the most articulate of men." Is this person hearing the same thing I am? But everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. (Just like assholes, everyone's got one)!
I can't watch and wait in anticipation for the blunders. It is too nerve wracking for me. So I will not watch the State of the Union Address. Call me un-American if you want, but it's my choice. At least so far, Bush cannot make any of us watch him.

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scott said...

we have to watch it for an assignment in world geography. he is giving us a test the next day. but it will be short if he is talking about his accomplishments.