Monday, January 30, 2006

NO To Zulima Farber, Corzine's Attorney General Nominee

The NJ State Senate is expected to approve the nomination of Zulima V. Farber as NJ's new Attorney General, probably today. Farber would be the first Hispanic to hold the position, which is great. However, in her confirmation hearings, Republican oppenents brought up Ms. Farber's driving record. She has 13 speeding tickets and 4 bench warrants. I have to agree with the Republicans on this one: Farber is not fit to be Attorney General, often referred to as NJ's "top cop." She apparently has no respect for the law. A person could not even qualify to be a NJ State Trooper with her record! I could understand and make an exception if Ms. Farber was being nominated for another post, such as Human Services Commissioner or Dept. of Education Commissioner. But this is for the position of Attorney General! I know we are all human, and believe me, I am not without fault. But I would not consider even myself qualified for NJ Attorney General with a criminal record! SO I SAY NO TO FARBER for NJ Attorney General.

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