Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mr.Bush's Psyche

A very interesting article in New York (February 5, 2007), in which John Heilemann takes a look at George W.'s brain. It's titled, "What's going on in George Bush's mind? A political survey." Mr. Heilemann calls George W. " The lonliest president," and quotes many individuals on the status of Mr. Bush's mental status and psyche. The following are excerpts from some of the quotes since I could never say it better myself:

"One of the most unnerving things about George Bush is his smile. As the situation
in Iraq has grown more calamitous, the smile hasn't disappeared. It's become
markedly patronizing, saying, "I'm right on this. The rest of you just dont' understand."
A pitying smile."
(Deepak Chopra, president, Alliance for a New Humanity)

"I have enough sympathy for anybody in that position that I wouldn't say he's mentally
deranged: I feel sorry for him. I think he must know that he's going to go down in
history as the most incompetent president since Buchanan."
(Ted Sorensen, speechwriter for President Kennedy)

"I think Bush didn't have a view of America's role in the world until after 9/11, and
then it was provided to him by those around him in power. They had two big ideas:
One was to depose Saddam and use Iraq as a base to pacify, in an imperial way, the
Middle East, and to control its oil. The second big idea, carried over by vice-president
and secretary of Defense, was that of the unitary presidency."
(Gary Hart, Wither Chair Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver)

"He (Bush) shows signs of an "authoritarian personality" as well, which involves a special
vulnerability to stature and power, to demonstrations of force, and also profound personal
need for power, order, and control."
(Susan Andersen, professor of psychology, NYU)

All I know is the man is nuts!

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