Thursday, March 20, 2008

Has It Been Worth The Price?

Thousands dead? Many more injured and maimed? Trillions of dollars? The WMD were not there! The war has not paid for itself! Electricity and oil DO NOT flow! What have we gained?


Pax Romano said...

We have not gained a freaking thing from this obscene war...but you know who gained??? The fat cats that voted Bush and his rape squad into office TWICE! Those FAT Pampered White Boys who never get their hands dirty and benefit at other's misfortune.

And as for the uneducated white trash of this country that bought Bush's lies, I have no sympathy for any of them ... deluded moronic hillbillies who embraced Bushie's patriotic jingoism and praise Jesus bull shit.

God, I get so infuriated over all of this.

Karl said...

Bill Maher pointed out a few weeks ago that those "fat cats" in the oil business got exactly what they wanted. Look at how much more gas costs now than when they put Bush in the whitehouse. And I might add, maybe, just maybe, the oil problem in Iraq (you know the oil that was supposed to pay for the war) has purposely NOT been flowing so there's not as much on the market, keeping prices lower???!!!!