Saturday, March 15, 2008

So What's The Big Deal?

So what's the big deal about what Rep. Sally Kern(R-Oklahoma) said about gays and lesbians being more of a threat to America than terrorists? After all, like any American, Kern is entitled to her opinion, right? Does she have to be politically correct in all that she says or does? Well I'll tell you why it matters to me.

Sally Kern is a public figure, a leader in her state of Oklahoma. What leaders say has a big impact upon what their followers believe and do. When a leader makes derogatory comments about a group of individuals, such as Kern's, which in reality makes gays and lesbians the enemy, those followers get downright defensive. For people who can't think for themselves, just think about the impact the words of leaders has (Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, the Church). Some of those followers then believe it is OK to do whatever they have to do to eliminate the "enemy." Thus, the killings of others!

Public leaders should be encouraging the positive and creating an atmosphere of harmony between people, not dividing and causing hatred. Kern continues to do this. She has every right to believe what she wants, but she should keep it to herself. My only hope is that by publically vocalizing her inner feelings, the public will be so outrage that they will realize this is not the leader for them, and Kern will be booted out. A YouTube audio clip of Kern's creed against gays and lesbians has indeed outraged gay activists. Hopefully not too much damage is done in the meantime.


mommanator said...

she obviously doesn't know anyone gay! she couldn't to say such things! I don't think she is accuratly representing the folks in OK! and isn't that what she is supposed to do!
You have had some pretty insiteful posts since you finally got back online. I did have trouble looking at those guys strung up! I don't know how any human being could do that or anything like that to another! and unfortunately it has been happening since time began if you look at history!

Pax Romano said...

Sadly those hangings (which you spoke of in your earlier post) are done in the name of "god". I fear that if certain (not all mind you just certain) religious leaders had their way, we gays and lesbians would be lead to the gallows.

Maybe we could send Good Time Sally to Iraq where she could oversee the hangings of gays, I suspect she'd enjoy that.

Do yourself a favor and go find a copy of Margaret Atwood's, The Handmaid's Tale. It's fiction, but it will curl your hair.

Anonymous said...

I read the Handmaid's Tale ages ago, and it is haircurling. That book "stayed" with me for years,as did Anne Frank's diary.

I just read that in Idaho (or is it Iowa?) that the state legislature meetings are begun every morning with a prayer by a local Christian preacher.

that isn't a local govment, or a christian school, or even a public school, opening their day with christian prayers ( by a state dollar PAID pastor), it is a state legislative body doing this...

I do not think that we should have christian govment employees exercising thier faith in thier place of employment, which athiests, christians, muslims, buddhists, wiccans, et al, pay for!

It is ridiculous that a Christian prayer(s),that state taxpayors pay for, are said before every state legislature meeting in a US state. We are not bound by Sharia lawin the US...why is religion in our state govments?

It needs to go, especially considering the fact that the Christian faith has "denounced" part of the state's population, and that the Christian faith is enormously prejudiced against many people, including women!

Seperation of church and state is a must. Hasn't the US learned from the horrendous example of the Spanish Catholic Church Inquisition?

And haven't the Christian churches checked the latest news that shows that the Bible was written under the influence of age old hallucinogenics? Toss the damn old book out the window!

Treat everyone as if they and you, were divine beings (which we are).

Then there would be no need for pompous, taxdollar paid christian or otherwise prayers,or...hangings....