Monday, March 10, 2008

Rep. Sally Kern's Anti-Gay Comments

Hear what Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern (R) has to say about gays and lesbians.......And then write to her to give her your point of view!


Pax Romano said...

One of this Bitch's comments is:

"Studies show, no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades. . ."

I guess she never read about Ancient Greece, the cradle of Democracy. I do believe the Hellenic empire lasted a bit longer than a few decades. Now if we are talking about the Nazis, well they acted out against homosexuality and how long did their party last???

Karl said...

I would say she's never read anything............except maybe the parts of her Bible she wants to!

Karl said...

See my response to the Bitch:


I believe in respect for all, but after your comments concerning gays and lesbians, all I can say is FUCK YOU!!!

You are a total embarrassment to the US. Hope you are kicked out of office soon.

Anonymous said...

I will be writing to Ms. Kern, thanks for the link.

Somehow, and this may just be my odd, functioning now and again, psychic antenna having a brain freeze, but, I would say that Ms. Kern has had many a Larry Craig type womens' locker/bathroom gym hand signaling thing going on.

She also looks like she is not that far away from a pink dye job and a healing TV Christian Ministry....well, she is married to the pastor of the Olivet Baptist church, so, a career in hustling, err, Christianity, is not that far a stretch.

Christianity and government are tied together in the Kern household, what a "dynamic" US combo.....

praise the lord of george, or the lord george...whatever...she is getting a letter from me!