Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Dodges Sniper Bullets?

I will admit that I voted for Hillary Clinton in NJ's Primary in February. If the primary were held in June, as has been in the past, I am not so sure my vote would have been the same. I was faced with the dilemma most were: vote for the new guy who speaks well, but maybe doesn't have the experience necessary to lead our nation, or vote for the woman who has more experience and has been around Washington alot longer, knowing the "ropes" and how Washington works? The other hesitation I had in deciding was the Hillary that plays politics to the max. Obama does not do that to the extent Hillary does. Again, would this be a benefit for Hillary or a hindrance? Would understanding Washington allow one to maneuver better to forward an agenda?

Today, Hillary admitted to "misspeaking" about her visit to Bosnia 12 years ago as First Lady. She admitted she exaggerated the whole experience. Hillary had previously cited landing under sniper fire, having to run with her head down to safety. When responding to a reporter who had video footage of the landing, not as dangerous as Hillary said, Hillary responded by saying "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement." And there's my problem. When Hillary gets caught in a "misstatement" she always has an excuse. She's always playing politics!

Just like the now famous 3am telephone commercial. It must have worked because people bought it. But really, has Hillary ever had to answer the phone at 3am for a major disaster? I doubt it! So which one, Hillary or Obama, would handle it best? That remains to be seen.

More and more, my leaning is toward Obama. I believe he is more electable against John McCain. More Independents and even some Republicans, who would never, never vote for another Clinton, would vote for Obama. Sounds like I'm making up my mind......at least for today! Either Hillary or Obama will have my support in November to stop the Republican devils is all I know.


mommanator said...

how many other things has she forgotten or misrepresented! just a thought

Karl said...

I agree with you, mommanator....that's my dilemma and big question about Hillary.

Pax Romano said...

Tracy Morgan on Saturday Night Live put it this way concerning Hillary:

Hillary Clinton says she has all the experience to be President because she was married to the president; by that logic, Robin Givens should be heavy-weight champion of the world!

Zelda Parker said...

Can it get worse?

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that she may have traveled to many,many, places over the course of the years, if she forgot exactly what the circumstances were on that trip.. well,so what??

And what eagle eared reporter has been lying in wait listening to every speech she makes, recording it and then going back twelve years to see if it is accurate? You are falling into a Republican trap.

And.. is Tracy Morgan,a comedian, quoting Hillary? Or is this just her take on the situation? If she is quoting Hillary, was Hillary joking? In what context was the speech made? Tracy can use it to ump up her star power as a funny lady, and who would know or care what Hillary really meant? The damage would still be done.

Hillary had a comprehensive health care plan developed long before any of the other candidates started talking about it. And, she (and her husband) were beat up by the Republicans because of that plan.

People who have other ulterior motives..fame,money...can take statements out of context and spin them.

I am always amazed at the amount of hate that people have for Hillary, and I chalk it up to the very deep, deeper than racism, misogyny that this country has.

The focus should be on the issues, like the war, 3.00 a gallon gas, the foreclosure industry, etc.

And don't get me wrong, I like Obama, and I admire and respect him, but, I am very fearful of his close ties to his religious Christian community.

And,she is correct in saying that she has Presidential experience via Bill. She was a very strong First Lady, and people hated her, and him, for that.

Americans have difficulty with women in positions of power.

And you can trace that right back to the Pilgrims et al.

Where's my Scarlet letter, I'll wear it proudly.

Obama is a wonderful person,obviously an intelligent man, but we have had men of all races, ethnicity and creed in power for years.

This election, I am voting for the estrogen, and I don't care if she forgets exactly what the heck she did twelve years ago.

Do you remember everything that you did and said twelve years ago? And is there someone in the wings being paid a hefty sum to recall it for you???

Karl said...

You even stated one of my main concerns with Hillary: she is hated by so many more people than Obama. Can Hillary defeat John McCain? That I'm not sure of.