Sunday, May 11, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

When I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech after the North Carolina democratic primary, it felt as if the "acceptance" was for much more than the primary in NC. Obama's speech was more of an "acceptance" of the Democratic nomination to battle John McCain in November. Obama appeared to be calling on all democrats to leave differences behind and join together to defeat the Republicans in Novemeber. I felt excited at Obama's words, as I have during many of his speeches, but this one seemed even more energetic to me. As one writer put it, Obama seemed to be "re-tooling" for the general November election, and I felt it too. Ever since that May 6th NC primary, Obama has seemed to totally ignore Hillary Clinton and move forward with his November presidential campaign. And I gotta say, "I LIKE IT!"

Nine more super delegates have come to Obama's side, including some who had already declared their support for Clinton. The tide is turning to Obama. I, like many others, now feel it. I have stated before that in the February NJ Primary I did vote for Clinton, but if the NJ primary were held in June, as in previous years, I too would be supporting Obama. Obama is planning his strategy against McCain as the democratic primary process moves on. Will Clinton continue to stand in the way?

Many argue that Obama will not be able to defeat McCain. Honestly, I wonder also if America is really ready for an African-American president. Let's face reality: there are some in America that simply will not vote for a black man. But then there are some, keeping it real, that would simply not vote for a woman. I believe that when Obama focuses on McCain, when Obama can really show the differences between himself and McCain's continued Bush agenda, the voters will rally behind Obama. I also believe, and still have faith in Hillary Clinton, that she, her husband, and the rest of the democratic bigwigs will encourage all democrats to support Obama in November. GO BARACK OBAMA!