Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop the Crying, Hillary

"It's so unfair! They have to count all the votes, including Michigan and Florida! I will not give up until all the votes are counted!" That's how Hillary, and her husband Bill, I might add, are campaigning now that they are behind and it looks like Hillary will not be the democratic nominee for president. More politics on Hillary's part, as usual for her?
I think the rules that the Democratic National Committee adopted by not seating the Michigan and Florida delegates is just plain STUPID! I don't understand how the DNC can just not count people's votes just because the democratic party in a particular state went against the rules for the primary in that state. However, these are the rules that were adopted and that democrats have to live with. I am almost certain that Hillary and Bill probably had a say and a part in instituting these rules. Now that the rules of the DNC are working against Hillary, she's crying about it!
If roles were reversed, and Hillary was leading Obama in the delegate count, I am also certain Hillary and Bill would be shouting that, "These are the rules! Fair or not, we've got to live by them!" More of why I do not support Hillary anymore: she continues to play the politic game. She will do anything she has to to win!



mommanator said...

I think she really needs to quit now! It's a shame her voice didn't go like Bills with some of the things she has been saying!

Karl said...

Convince Florida to vote for Obama and we'll be ok..........