Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Jersey: On The Brink of Gay Marriage

I attended a Garden State Equality Neighborhood Action Summit tonight in Margate. These meetings are happening all over the State the next few weeks, as action is taken to push NJ over the brink and into gay marriage. NJ is on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, with just a few assemblymen and senators left to come on board. Governor Jon Corzine has stated previously that he will sign a marriage equality bill if it crosses his desk, but the governor does not want this issue to sidetrack the presidential election so the governor wants the bill to wait until after the November presidential election.

Tonight's action summit was designed to call legislative leadership to thank them for supporting the gay rights, but encouraging a marriage bill by the end of this year. Letters were also written to local legislators encouraging their support as well. NJ will become the 2nd state in the country to legalize gay marriage in the very near future.

Just across the river in Pennsylvania, a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar same-sex marriage and civil unions passed a key committee on Monday and is now headed for a full vote on the Senate floor. Hopefully this will be defeated when it gets to a full Pennsylvania Senate vote.


Queers United said...

exciting news indeed


Karl said...

Thanks.........I checked it out.

Pax Romano said...

And you will look fab in a Vera Wang wedding gown!!!

Just kidding, this is the kind of news that makes me proud of our little state!