Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life: A Never Ending Battle

OK............Let me get philosophical on you.

The other day while driving to work after the torrential rain and damaging winds we experienced, I noticed a guy cleaning up along the road. I thought to myself that this man is cleaning up, only to have to do it again after the next storm comes along. Then I thought about some of my plants I just planted in pots on my patio that were damaged. I may have to replace them. And the bird's nest that blew off the beam, and the poor birds that would have to find a new home. Then I remembered the typhoon that hit Myanmar; all that loss. Then came the earthquake in China and the thousands killed and even more left homeless. I also thought about the many wars that have been fought throughout history, and the many more that will no doubtedly come in the future. Life really is one battle after another.

Is it nature's way? Survival of the fittest? There is this constant fight for existence. Nature fights to exist, and humankind fights to exist. There always seems to be something or someone that tries to stop everything. Some fight disease. Some fight literal wars. Some battle survival in other ways, but we all face the struggle of just keeping it together and life going on. And in the end, what's it all for?

The struggle to survive is done for what purpose? To leave it to our children? For what? To better our world? For what? To see our names in lights? Only to be forgotten?


mommanator said...

Greta post Karl, but I sure don't know the answers! it just is and always will be!

Pax Romano said...

Kill or be killed? The law of the jungle?

It's life, the never ending circle of death and destruction, as well as birth and creation.

Have a nice glass of merlot, it will get better.