Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Lookin' Good

First it was reported that the GOP spent $150,00.00 to dress Sarah Palin, and over $50,000.00 for make up. Today it has been noted that Palin's stylist has been paid $22,800.00, more than her political advisor who has only been paid $12,500.00.

John McCain is sure trying to make sure Palin looks good! Never mind that she doesn't know much about foreign policy or other political matters! As long as she looks good! To think that McCain and the GOP really believe people, especially women, will fall for that is ridiculous! But wait, people are falling for that! To date, almost 50% of those polled view Palin favorably. Fortunately that number is falling. I dubbed Palin the "Messiah of the Republican Party" when McCain first named her as his VP running mate. I was blown away by the support of Palin. I do not believe Palin is stupid as some assert. I think she's probably a very nice lady, a good family woman, and maybe even a good Governor. But VP, perhaps President at anytime! NO WAY!

You might look good Sarah, but soon, I am hoping and praying, you'll fade off into the sunset, never to return to national politics! And John McCain, if things go well, he'll serve the remainder of his term in the Senate, then retire in the desert of Arizona.

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Pax Romano said...

History repeats ... read up on Eva Peron (and not just by watching that dreadful movie with Madonna); the woman was pure evil, but she sold herself as "one of the people" while all the while, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on clothing and makeup so that she'd look good. Finally, not just happy being the first lady of Argentina, she ran for vice president ... she failed at this and died shortly after.

So by dying at the age of 33, she became a saint to the people of Argentina.

In my opinion, Ms. Palin is cut from the same cloth as Eva Peron was .