Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Finally Did It

For most of my life, probably since my early teen years, I have been interested in fitness. Off and on, more on than off fortunately, I have been a member of a gym or worked out in my home/neighborhood (jogging) regularly. With retirement in my not too distant future, I have thought about things in my life I like to do that could become a vocation, or if nothing else, a hobby when I do decide I've had enough work. I love photography, so I went out and bought myself a nice Olympus SLR Digital camera a few months ago. I also have been toying with the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer. I finally started that goal by obtaining my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification from the American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) & International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA). In a few weeks I will be hopefully receiving my Phase II Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. My future plans are to become certified in Strength and Conditioning as well as Sports Nutrition.

What I'm going to do with these certs is still something I'm playing with. I am not trying to become a trainer to turn any young stud into Mr. Universe. My objective is to focus more on older adults and people who just want to take them of themselves as they age. I think an older person might be more comfortable with someone like me as a trainer rather than a 25 year old Muscle Head. Also with my experience with people with Special Needs, my trainer certs may come in handy as well.

I'm not sure I want to work a "second job" in a fitness center or do my own thing. The experience in a gym would be a very good thing, so I just might start that way. I'll keep you posted.


Pax Romano said...


I am so proud of you!

mommanator said...

Just think you could dtart on some of your present co-workers! Some of em sure need it LOL

Zelda Parker said...

This gives new meaning to "whipping us into shape"come March.