Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Is Obama? My Quest to Find Out

The other day I tried to really find out who Barack Obama is. What a better way to do so than to travel to the South Side of Chicago and see for my self what this man is all about.

I arrived in front of his huge mansion, gated and unpenetrable. There didn't seem to be anyone around, so I went into town to see what I could find. As I approached an Islamic Mosque, there seemed to be quite a few people hanging around. I made my way around the crowd, up the steps, and into the vestibule of the Mosque. There, kneeled on the floor, was Mr. Obama himself, facing east and praying to Allah! His head wore a covering and the Quaran was opened in front of him. Not wanting to disturb Mr. Obama, I waited patiently outside.

As Mr. Obama came out of the Mosque, I approached to say hello. Mr. Obama told me to move along as he did not think I was as wealthy or as good as he. He could not be bothered with such a minute being as me. What an elitist! However, I was not to be stopped so I followed Mr. Obama and watched as he stood at a podium. "To Hell with Life," Mr. Obama shouted! "You know I do not believe in the sanctity of life! You know I don't care about the unborn!" Mr. Obama continued. "Get ready, People! I am about to raise your taxes and make your life miserable! I will increase the size and role of the government in your lives! That's what I'm all about!" What a speech!

Mr. Obama got into his vehicle and left. I could see him heading toward his home. I made my way there, and as I approached, I could see there was a gathering. It looked like a barbeque was about to take place. I went around back and peeked through a small hole in the fence. I saw Osama bin Laden and other men who I recognized as terrorists holding their drinks and talking with Mr. Obama! They're right! Obama does "pal around with terrorists!"

Of course none of this happened. Just like all the other misinformation that is spewed about, the above account is also incorrect and imagined fear about an Obama Presidency. I do know who Barack Obama is, and I believe he is the one candidate for President that will bring about the true change this country needs!


Pax Romano said...

Watch it, pal. Someone might copy this, edit your out disclaimer, and forward it. ;)

Merci said...

Pax stole my comment! I thought the same thing when I read it. I'm not surprised that SOME people have bought the lies propagated via viral email and robocalls, but I'm shocked by how many people believe them.