Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell: A HUGE Endorsement For Obama

Colin Powell today announced his endorsement for Barack Obama. What a huge endorsement this is!

First of all, Powell is a Republican. When a perosn of Powell's status does not support one of his own, this is a big thing! For someone as prominent as Colin Powell to lend his support to someone in the opposite party he must have very strong feelings either for the person he's endorsing or against the person he's not. Powell said that Obama has shown the "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign." Powell also hinted at not favoring McCain's negative campaign.

Secondly, Powell was the former Secretary of State under George W. It was Powell who had to "sell" the Iraq War to the UN Security Council. It was Powell who was "used" by Bush & Company to spread misinformation so the Security Council would grant Bush permission to eventually invade Iraq. Powell, probably more than anyone else, was duped into believing Iraq had WMD's and was a direct threat to the US. Powell, unlike other former Bush men and women, left the Bush Administration and has yet to say anything bad about Bush. I believe Powell has too much respect for the Office of the President to denigrate it in any way. I do think Powell will eventually speak out against the whole mess when George W. leaves office. Powell's endorsement of Obama could be the start of Powell's commentary on the Iraq War.

Thirdly, Powell is a very BIG figure in US politics. He is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats. Most view Powell as a no-nonsense, unpolitical man who puts the best interest of his country ahead of his own fame and power. The respect for Powell will win over some of those still undecided as to who to vote for in a few weeks, and it may even change the minds of others.

Thank you, Mr. Powell. Thanks for seeing the truth and putting aside politics.


mommanator said...

I just wish he were running for pres! i would vote for him in a second

Pax Romano said...

What a coup for Obama!

I can't say I am a huge fan of Mr. Powell; clearly he knew what a mistake the war was, and rather than speak out against his "mistake", he just left office ... I have a small problem with that (since so many lives were in the balance). I can't wrap my head around the idea of a man like Powell being "used" ... he said what he said, I saw no one put a gun to his head.

But on a totally superficial level, yeah, getting this guy's endorsement is like a kick in the 'nads to the Republican party!