Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Way To Go Cindy!

Cindy Sheehan was arrested in the House of Rep's Gallery just before Bush's State of the Union Address because she refused to cover up an anti-war t-shirt. "She was asked to cover it up. She did not," said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman, adding that Sheehan was arrested for unlawful conduct, a misdemeanor. Sheehan could receive up to one year in jail, but I doubt she'll get any time. However, if Bush wanted, he could get rid of Sheehan for at least a year. Sheehan seems to be the only one in the US continuing to voice her opposition to the war in Iraq. Way to go, Cindy!
I did not watch the State of the Union Address last night, as I previously said I would not do, but from what I have read, Bush did not offer many answers to the continued presence of the US in Iraq, or when that presence would end. How many more will have to die, Mr. Bush? Isn't it about time the American people get some answers? Isn't it about time our troops and their families get some answers?
Thank you, Cindy Sheehan!

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