Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Christian "Backlash" Against BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN?

ABC's World News Tonight did a story about the Christian Backlash against the movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. I have not heard of any such "backlash" of any significance yet, but ABC's ratings must be down so they will cater to the conservative Christian right. Time Magazine did a story on BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN in the January 30, 2006 issue bringing to light the lack of protests and concern the movie has brought. Time's story actually said, "In a more benign and constructive way, America is now experiencing the Brokeback breakthrough." So to ABC I ask, "Where is all this backlash?"
In the World News Tonight story, ABC reported that religious groups say gay-themed movies show just how out of touch Hollywood is with America. "It's a sad day for American when a small group of very determined activists are dominating the awards ceremony," said Janice Crouse, the senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, a think tank associated with the Concerned Women for America. I would argue with Ms. Crouse that perhaps it is she and her group that is the "small group of very determined activists," not those gays in Hollywood pushing their agenda. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was released in a limited number of theatres, but it has moved into more and more movie theatres in more and more areas of the US. Sure, as ABC put it, "The Oscar best picture nominees are apparently not playing in Peoria, as the saying goes," but who really cares!
I am so sick and tired of the conservative Christian right thinking they are the only right people in this country. And I am tired of ABC news trying to make more of this "backlash" than really exists! I think America is ready for a movie like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. And more importantly, I think America is ready for more tolerance of gays. It is the "small group of very determined activists" like Crouse and other conservative Christians that keep us in the dark ages!


Steve Middleton said...

Interesting - in the UK there is a general belief that gay images are forbidden in the US & that we are very liberal & secular here. On the other hand two prominent politicians recently had difficulties with the media because they were revealed as being bisexual (one had been with a male prostitute for six months!). Double standards,

Karl said...

Great to hear from "across the ocean." Thanks for the comment Steve.

Steve Middleton said...

I reckon that Brokeback Mountain is very much the tale of people's lives. We recently introduced civil partnerships in the UK. I'm a registrar and I've met (professionally) several long term gay/lesbian couples who have told their tales of forbidden relationships. So very moving. Also, men and women from other countries who could not ever be openly gay - who often married to prevent the truth being found out, and now can commit publicly and legally in Britain. It breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

I adored Brokeback Mountain. Jake G was luminous in it-he is so gorgeous. He was a much better actor than Heath Ledger, at least I thought so. Heath seemed to talk as if he had marbles in his mouth throughout the movie. Although he redeemed his mumbling thing in the last scenes. I cried. Michelle Williams also deserves kudos.
And the Scenery!! I want to go there. But not when it's snowing.

Those women of the concerned america, or whatever--they are just JEALOUS. They all want to kick HL out of the tent and jump on Jake themselves. I know I did--Kirsten Dunst, get out of the way!