Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ridiculous CVS Television Commercials

Anyone else seen the ridiculous CVS television commercials? The ones in which a caring, concerned pharmacist tells a story about how much they care for their customers, and how much they have personally done to help their customers? I have to laugh everytime I see one of these commercials. I have been in several area CVS stores, and never have I seen a caring, concerned pharmacist or pharmacy staff in the store! They are usually so busy and impersonal! What a crock of STUFF!


PaxRomano said...

Of course they care, in fact I believe that CVS's moto is "People First"...and, er, oh wait that's some other place that claims to be caring...what are they called again? Name escapes me.

Anonymous said...

I am a pharmacist and I do care for my patients. The only reason why we cant provide such personal attention to each patient is because the person behind them is so selfish that they arenot willing to wait until we're done. Medical care is lacking throughout all industries not b/c we dont care, it's because people dont care. I've had people yell that I am taking to long to talk to an old lady about her medicine b/c they have a dinner date.
Society wants everything as fast,cheap and high quality as possible and that just doesnt work well in healthcare. We do try to put people first but people dont respect that unless its themselves. So, dont blame CVS or Walgreen's but rather the people around you and maybe even yourself.