Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cindy Freed!

Police dropped the charges filed against anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan after she was arrested prior to Tuesday's State of the Union Address. The unlawful conduct charge against Sheehan was being dropped, said Deputy House Sergeant of Arms Kerri Hanley. An apology was also given to Ms. Sheehan. "They (Capitol Police) were operating under the misguided impression that the T-shirt was not allowed," Hanley said. Maybe there is justice afterall? Or maybe the Bush people just wanted Cindy out of the way for the night, but realized what a negative impact the arrest would have on Bush's erroding approval rating?

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samuel said...

Exactly. Bush and Co. knew she didn't do anything really WRONG, and prosecuting her would only make them look worse.

In reality, they just wanted to keep her from attending the speech. Sadly, they succeeded.