Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Gay Celeb....But Little Hoopla!

I hear people say, "Why is that gay celebs or politicians only get outed when they're involved in a scandal of some kind? Wouldn't it be nice if a "big star" would just come out on his own." Well, they do!

This week T.R. Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley on the ABC hit series, Grey's Anatomy came out telling the world that he's gay in PEOPLE. But guess what, there was little fanfare made about this, and that's probably how Knight preferred it. I know T.R. Knight is not a "superstar" actor or politician or sports figure, but he is a fairly well-known guy. I commend Knight for his honesty and courage, and I agree that more celebs need to be honest with themselves and everyone else.

But T.R. Knight is not the only celeb on the out list. Lance Bass, from the former boy band 'N Sync came out about a month ago. And there are many more "famous" gay men and women: take a look at this short list. Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher one of Maher's panel guests was Barney Frank, Rep. from Massachusetts, OUT, LOUD, AND PROUD!

My point here is that celebs come out on their own quite often. Not everyone is outed in the McGreevey or Foley manner. But the McGreevey's and Foley's of the world make for more interesting news. The Knights of the world do not entertain as much as the celebs caught in a scandal. And just like everyone of us that is a "non-celeb", celebrities weigh the consequences of coming out. And just like many of us, celebs may not even realize, or wish to admit to themselves or anyone else, that they are gay.

I also wish more big name celebs, politicians, and sports figures would come out. (You cannot for a moment tell me that if statistically approximately 1 in 10 males are gay, that a professional football team does not have any gay players). But they are out there, and I believe they will slowly acknowledge who they are as society becomes more accepting. And from personal experience, these men and women will enjoy a much fuller, happier life when they do come out.

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