Monday, October 23, 2006

Thank God For The Non-Traditionalist

In his piece of shit book, Cultural Warrior, Bill O'Reilly touts himself a "traditionalist" fighting against the "secular-progressive movement." The battle in America is not between conservatives and liberals but those that want to keep things the way they are versus those progressives that want to change the way things are. O'Reilly "condemns the "erosion of societal discipline" flowing from an alleged "S-P [secular-progressive]" agenda of drug legalization, teenagers' rights, moral relativism, church-state separation, therapy instead of punishment for criminals and, above all, the "communist" freeloader's doctrine that the government should tax the rich to fund housing, health care and early-childhood education for the poor."

I say thanks be to God for those non-traditionalists in our history. And every minority group, including women, should also agree with me. If it wasn't for the "secular-progressives" in our history, where would they be today? The Ann Coulters of the US would be in the kitchen, cooking for their man, instead of in the media blowing their horns. If it wasn't for the "secular-progressives" in our history, a good number of us would not have the freedoms we do today. If it wasn't for the "progressives in US history, slavery would still be the norm of the day. These are just a couple things that were only changed by those "secular-progressives." I must say that I, as a white male, would be enjoying life, while those not meeting my makeup, would still be oppressed today.

So I say to Bill O'Reilly, "STUFF IT, BILL!" If moving forward with equal rights for all, and if creating change so all Americans so they can enjoy life to it's fullest, makes me a "secular-progressive," I'll gladly wear that title and do everything in my power to fight the "taditionalists."


PaxRomano said...

Bill is like most of those republican wind bags; strip back the veneer and you see scared white men who want America to look like an Ozzie and Harriet world.

I find most of what they rant about to be riddled with prejudice and misogyny.

But like dinosaurs, Bill and his ilk are headed for the extinction pile.

Karl said...

Would you be talking about someone like Yellow Pants Man (or, MBLW)? Actually, I believe YPM (or, MBLW) is more of what conservative Republicans really are. O'Reilly is a "traditionalist" as he calls himself. And you're right, these dinosaurs are trying to keep the status quo in order to keep what little power they have, or think they have, as long as they can.

Anonymous said...

He is a windbag blowing air into the future wind. He is desperately trying to keep his show on the air, and money flowing in to support his loofah habit :))
He and his ilk will be history soon. Keep posting and sending out your thoughts. So many need to hear what you have to say.

The postings DO make a difference. And vote for anyone but Lobiondo in Nov.

Karl said...

Although I don't think LoBiondo's opponent has a chance in Hell, she's got my vote. LoBiondo needs to retire!

Contessa Scampi Galore said...

Lobiondo is a big ol' doooosh bag!!!!Kisses

joey b. said...

Hey Karl,
His comments on TV recently have made me physically ill. His ability to hide his hatred for anyone who is not white, male and rich needs some work. Quite transparent.

Karl said...

Agreed, Joey B...........And that's what I think these "traditionalists" are all about!

nuetral said...

Im just wondering what comments your referring to about Oriely hating blacks? he sites Oprah and Martin Luther King as traditionalists also JFK. You should get your facts right before you insult the guy. Also he criticizes George Bush and Democrats equally. O and by the way the ACLU who defends illegal immigrants and NAMBLA(you know the men who molest children association) they are Secular Progressives. Do your homework before you open your mouth. He is not a right wing wacko just a guy who likes his country the way it is and doesnt want to see it turn into Western Europe. Where people have no values, morals or take responsiblity for thier behaviour. Traditonalist believe in the doctrine set forth by men like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamiliton, and Thomas Jefferson and that our country is good and has done noble things for billons of people. One more thing Lincoln was oppossed to slavery and as you all know Lincoln was Republican and a Traditionalist.

PaxRomano said...

nuetral said..
"Traditonalist believe in the doctrine set forth by men like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamiliton, and Thomas Jefferson"
Cool, so that means we can own slaves and knock them up (like Tom did), and have tons of extramarital affairs (like Ben did).

as for the ACLU defending NAMBLA; it goes deeper than is what the ACLU says about that:"It is easy to defend freedom of speech when the message is something many people find at least reasonable. But the defense of freedom of speech is most critical when the message is one most people find repulsive. That was true when the Nazis marched in Skokie. It remains true today."

I find NAMBLA repulsive, but when you take away their right to free speech, who's next? Maybe you, my friend.

And what is so bad about Western Europe? Tell me, how many shootings happened in England or Sweden last year?

Oh and O'Riley is a traditionalist, I hear his loofah was made in the US of A!

Karl said...

I'll just keep my position, neutral: O'Reilly and his kind (maybe you included) are just a bunch of white old blowhard men trying to hang on to what's left to hang onto. Why do u think the big push for anti-gay rights amendments? Because if the white old blowhard men don't get it done now, they never will. Most younger people could care less who marries who. Again, THANK GOD FOR THE NON-TRADITIONALISTS! And thanks for your post, neutral.

Karl said...

And by the way, neutral: What's wrong with Western Europe? Much more advanced, and peaceful than the US in many ways! (Power and greed corrupt)!

nuetral said...

Your missing the point you asked "whats wrong with western Europe" well lets see did you miss what happend in Paris over the summer? They had muslims burning down the Parisan suburbs. They have a horribly stagnant economy because they are shifting towards a new world order. It has been proven time and time again that Capitalism is the only type of economy that works. Also Western Europe has one the highest rates of late term abortions in the world. Who ever said anything about slavery. Jefferson and Madison both were against slavery but they knew if they got rid of it that the economy would crumble. Im not talking about slavery i meant things like the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. You should stop with the personal attacks it makes you look stupid. This is why you cant have an intelligent discussion with a extremist. They let thier anger cloud the issue. The way is not left or right but forward.

One more thing why do you think every single gay marriage ammendment that ever gets put on a ballot gets voted down by the people just this week voters turned down. Ammendments in Oregon and California both. Last time i checked those were pretty liberal places. The Brookings Institute and the Pew Research conducted a poll, one in 2004 and 2005 and both found that roughly 15% of Americans are Liberal and 35% are Conservative. Do the math how many do you think are in the middle?