Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Dems Strategy

The Democratic candidates are really pounding the failed Bush Administration policies! The Dems are especially attacking the Republican candidates that supported Bush and the Iraq war. And this pisses me off a bit!

Where were these same Democrats 3+ years ago? Where have these Democrats been since? They seem to have vanished except for the past 2 months or so during the campaign. Why did they not stand up to Bush and the Republicans that supported him earlier?

Sure, I'm going to vote for those Democrats, but part of me would like to see "them all" out! I just wish men and women with true convictions to serve could be elected. I just wish men and women who stood for what they truly believed, not what they think will get them elected, would serve this great nation.

It's about time the Dems started to stand against the Bush agenda! I only hope it's not too late!


TrekMedic251 said...

While the Republicans are clearly faltering, and I'm not a lock-step supporter, what frightens me about a Democratic victory in November is just what you're talking about:
The Dems are pounding away at Bush's failings, but not offering any counter-proposals other than "Bush failed!"
As they say "Half a loaf is better than no loaf."

Karl said...

But all Bush says is, "Stay the course!" What kind of plan is that? If the US stays 10 days or 10 years, the result will be the same when the US does leave: utter chaos! So I have to say with the Dems, get our troops out; and the sooner the better!