Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hillary/Condaleeza Showdown

A friend sent me this...........You gotta see it!


Anonymous said...

That was actually pretty funny. Seriously, there's no way the GOP's nominating Condi Rice-- she's pro-choice and in favor of affirmative action which are loathed by the party's rank and file, she's been humiliated recently on Iran and Lebanon, and she's closely associated with the disaster in Iraq. As for Hillary Clinton-- well, I think it's telling that since Mark Warner's declaration that he's not running, that the party's been scrambling to find another "anti-Hillary candidate." Even the Democrats abhor her as a Presidential candidate. She shouldn't try to be run, she'd be a catastrophe worse even than McGovern over 30 years ago.

Karl said...

Keep Barack Obama in mind. Looks like he may be that "anti-Hillary candidate" you speak of. Personally, I am swaying away from Hillary...unless she's the Dem that gets the nomination.