Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another One On Our Side

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has confirmed that he is "a very content gay man living my life to the fullest." The 33-year-old actor said he was motivated to disclose his sexuality because of recent "speculation and interest in my private life and relationships." Another one on our side.

It is great to see more and more men and women proclaiming the "true" them. I know it's not easy and I applaud these people. A much better way of coming out wouldn't you say than the scandals involving politicians and ministers?


Anonymous said...

he is so cute, I have always liked Neil PH. It is a shame, though that celebs have to discuss thier personal business with the world. No one has to make a press announcement that they are heterosexual. I really hope that we reach a point in our society, and soon, where such announcements are no longer necessary, because, as a society, who an indiviudal decides to love, is no big deal to anyone, but to the two individuals involved.

Karl said...

I'm sure that day will eventually get here, but it's a long time coming. I agree too, people don't announce when they're straight, nor does the media hound someone to say they're straight. Take poor little Clay Aiken for example. The kid says he's not gay, so leave it alone. Does an interviewer interview Brad Pitt and say, "Come on Brad! Admit that your straight on tv."

Zelda Parker said...

Maybe it's just because I'm 39 again that I value authenticity more and more. It takes courage to be true to yourself and cuddos to those who do!

PaxRomano said...

I heard that Neil just got his toaster oven!

Say whatever happend to Mike Piazza??? Oh that's right he married his beard (a Playboy bunny, methinks).