Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Those Damned Activist Judges!

Well, those damned activist judges are at it again, making law and procedure. However this time it's in Israel. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the government Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages performed abroad. Although efforts by Israel's gay community to win approval for same-sex marriage face a major obstacle because Israel's religious authorities have a monopoly over marriage and divorce, this ruling does make it possible for same-sex couples to marry outside Israel and that marriage be legally recognized in Israel. Israeli law stipulates a couple must be married to adopt a child, and with this ruling, same-sex couples can now adopt if married elsewhere. Prior to this ruling, gay couples in Israel already had many of the rights of heterosexual partnerships. Now married gay couples will get the same tax breaks as a married couple.

It amazes me that the U.S. thinks it is so progressive, but other countries seem to be surpassing it's recognition of gay rights. On November 14th, the South African parliament voted 230-41 to legalize same-sex marriages. South Africa of all places! Wow! Maybe someday soon the U.S. will realize that gay individuals deserve the same rights and recognition as hetero couples. You don't have to like it or be happy with it, but gays in the U.S. pay the same taxes and are as productive to society as anyone else. They deserve the same rights!

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