Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Iraq War Was A Mistake

I have always been told that everyone makes mistakes, and that "to err is human." I rarely make them, mistakes that is, but I must admit I do. I do not know any person who does not make a mistake or two, or three or four or a thousand, in his lifetime. If such a person existed he wouldn't be called a "person", he'd be called GOD!

When is someone going to admit that the war in Iraq was a mistake? Who is going to admit that the war in Iraq was a mistake? It was a mistake from the very beginning. I'll even give the Bush Administration the benefit of the doubt and say the intelligence was incorrect, not that Bush & Company twisted the intelligence for their own purpose. And if the intelligence was wrong, then it was a mistake! The way the war has been handled is a mistake! So when is someone going to admit this and correct the mistake?

I know that alot has been lost in the war. Some 2,800+ American lives have been lost, and today Iraq claimed 150,000 civilians, not counting soldiers, have lost their lives in Iraq since the US invasion. It is said the US must win so the lives of our soldiers lost will not be in vain. But I ask how many more lives must be lost before someone finally gets it? THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS A MISTAKE! Plain and simple! We are in a quagmire! We leave now and who knows what will happen? We stay another 2, 3, 4, 10 years and how many more lives will be lost unnecessarily?

Everyone is all excited about the Dems taking over control of the House and Senate. It is time for a change in direction all proclaim. But what kind of change? Maybe the Iraq war should be recognized for what it is, one huge mistake! The event in US history will go down as one of the biggest blunders ever made! George W. will go down in history as one of the biggest buffoons in history! So why not just stop beating around the bush? Why not stop sugar-coating the mistake? Admit the mistake and move on.


Anonymous said...

It will change, and I think sooner than expected. At 5:29 am --Elections may shift Iraq War Policy---

What has to happen is that the American Public has to continue to let the elected officials know that we want the war to end, and we want assistance given to the Iraqi people to rebuild thier lives and society.

That said, we have to remember that the Dems are up against, not just the shrub, but corporations who have been raking in BILLIONS of dollars due to the War effort. There are a lot of disgusting, very wealthy stock holders in those companies who will want those funds to continue coming in. That will be the real fight---extricating the corporations from the source of thier blood $.

and, on the bright side, it looks like John Bolton is next out the door!!!thank goodness for blogs like yours who keep sending out the message to the universe that we care, and that we want our society to move forward, truly, with justice for all.

Karl said...

I hope you're right about Iraq. I believe the people have spoken, and I believe Bush realizes this now. I haven't really thought about the corporate angle. Good point!

Karl said...

Anyone else miss the Medbh Sings blog? I sure do!

PaxRomano said...

At this point, the last thing Bush is going to do is "admit" a mistake. I think he'll just quietly start packing things up over there with out any grand statement (Mission Accomplished).

He's lost the hearts and minds of many (the same thing that happened to Nixon with Vietnam), and to salvage his legacy, he has to get out of there; but somehow save face when he does.

Sadly, it does not bring any of the dead back.

AND YES, Medbh needs to wake up and start blogging again!

Anonymous said...

I am consistently surprised that no one in the media picked up on Bush's press conference a few weeks ago when he referred to the Iraq "oil reserves"
and the possibility of the West being "blackmailed" by the terrorists if they gain control of those oil reserves. Am I wrong in believing that that was the first time he specifically referred to the oil reserves? My brief article below points this out.....

Karl said...

Well, maybe Mr. Bush is trying to be truthful now in light of the election....maybe a little too truthful?

Anonymous said...

Hola, and,

Re:, Anonyn 2--Bush is a dumbo head. Plain and simple, he is a dumbo head. In fact, he is at the nth curve of dumbo headishness.

Today I heard a sound bite from the BBC, of his pasta and chocolate breakfast with the San Francisco based Italian Grandma who will figurativley at least, beat his ass come Jan.1.

He went," and, aaah, we will, aaah, be meetin with de Democrats, so as to aaah, aaah, aaah, (I counted the aahs...)
and then Ms. Pelosi, for the sake of the nation, I am sure, stepped in and "graciously" completed the petzlenit's stulted sentence about Dems and Republicans working together.

He truly IS the Village Idiot, and the Italian Democrat School Marm GRandma may well keep his ass in the corner for his two remaining pretzelnit years, while she teaches him the English language, and also, how to be a President.

As to Medbh--she spent her day off today, in the land of Vegas minor.

Yes, AC. Many of the educator's at the annual 2006 NJEA convention in AC were very happy to sign a Department of Peace & Non-Violence petition and discuss Violence Prevention both here and abroad and especially, in thier schools.

Hopefully, after today, Medbh will have enough signatures to convince our Senator's to make NJ a progressive state by agreeing to co-sponsor Bill S.1756 and HR.3760, which would establish a Cabinet level Department of Peace in our Federal Government We already have a few progressive NJ Congressmen who support the Bill.

Joaquin Pheonix supports it, as do the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We table at thier concerts. Joaquin, I met, and he is truly so, so, handsome, and also devoted to his Mom.

anyways, Medbh is tired after promoting peace and equality to SOUTH JERSEY all day long. Most of the day, it went well. Sometimes, though, it went like this,

Medbh--"Hello Sir, would you like to sign the petition that would end the need to sign any more anti war, bring home the troops petitions?"


Medbh--"This petition would establish a Federal level Department of Peace and Non-Violence.

Medbh then dicusses all of the ways in which our society can benefit, both domestically and internationally, from this forward thinking legislation...which is, btw, absolutely fantastic)

Sir: " I don't think so, I read a book 20 years ago about how PEACE will ruin our economy."

Medbh: "Well, it will certainly ruin Halliburton and anyone how has shares in it, and any other unnecessary Defense Dept. contracts. But, the money that is being expended on the current War could be diverted to education and to a myriad of other social and environmental programs."

Sir, who is a QUAKER.....then moves to the next table.....

Did you know that there are Republican Quakers? Neither did I, until today....

After today, Medbh needs to rest her weary head for a bit. But, much love and Reiki peace to you, and, she may resurface, as a Reiki Peace Activist, with a blog dedicated to healing. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Peace Out, Medbh