Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Planet Is Bush On?

I have always believed George W to be a complete idiot, but his speeches today have totally confirmed that. While Bush was stating that, "...One result that Iraq would like to see is for the Iranians to leave them alone," Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was in Tehran meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadnejad. I don't know about you, but to me that does not sound like the Iraqi people, at least not all of them, want the Iranians to leave them alone!

What planet does George W live on? What news does George W watch? Hello, George! Reality check, George! The Iranians and Syrians are going to just step into Iraq and solve the problems that the US has been unable to do the past several years. And the Iraqis are going to greet the Iranians and Syrians with open arms. So which is it, George? Do the Iraqis, or do the Iraqis not want, Iran's and Syria's assistance?

But then George gave the explanation of the real problem in Iraq. It is Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda is responsible for the latest wave of sectarian violence and Bush vowed not to withdraw troops “until the mission is complete.” (Whatever the fuck the "mission" is)! There is no civil war in Iraq! All the violence is the work of Al Qaeda! Now when the Sunnis retaliate when the Shiites kill someone, that does not sound like Al Qaeda to me. THE REAL WORLD, GEORGE! There is no election to be won here now, so you can stop trying to frighten Americans with Al Qaeda!

Someone who really cares about George, maybe his mother, father, Dick Cheney, or whomever, needs to bring George back into the real world!

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