Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh What A Mess We've Made (Or Should I Say Bush Has Made)

I turned on CNN this morning to catch up on the world's events and CNN introed the Iraq update with the title, Iraq In Crisis. Damn! What a mess the US has made in Iraq, not to mention the entire Middle East. What a big screwup for George W.! The US went into Iraq first and foremost because of the threat Iraq posed to the US. Secondly, George W. wanted to bring, catch this, STABILITY, to the Middle East! Look at the stability! Hundreds killed yesterday and many killed everyday. Sectarian violence soon to end up in an out and out civil war. US soldiers killed almost everyday in Iraq! Sounds like stability to me. I hate to admit it, but Saddam Hussein had control of Iraq.

It's actually pretty scary when you look at what's happening in Iraq. Syria and Iran are joining together to assist in the stabilization of Iraq. You can't really blame them; Iraq is their neighbor, and since the US has only screwed things up there, why shouldn't Syria and Iran move in? God only knows what will happen to the US, not to mention Israel, when that entire region becomes ultra-Islamic and goes after the US and Israel. The Apocalypse?

How does the US "fix" Iraq? I haven't got the faintest idea. George W. has really messed things up, and as UN General Secretary Kofi Annan said the other day, the US is trapped in Iraq. We cannot just leave, and if we stay only more and more turmoil will take place.


PaxRomano said...

It's Vietnam all over again...but how can you blame Bush, he was stoned during the Vietnam years, the does not remember any of it.

Karl said...

No it's not Vietnam. In Nam at least the people we were fighting for wanted us there. In Iraq the only ones that seem to want us there is the leadership Bush set up. If the US leaves, they lose their jobs as well.