Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Early Time Change

In case you haven't heard, Daylight Savings Time starts 2 weeks earlier beginning this year. DST begins on March 11, 2007, and ends the first weekend in November rather than the last weekend in October. And already the problems this change will cause are being anticipated. Now the problems are not expected to be anywhere near the magnitude of the problems predicted in Y2K, but if people do not change computer that do not change themselves there could be some problems: airlines could be off schedule, people may miss meetings, cell phones could mistakenly be billed for peak hours, etc., etc., etc. Microsoft Corp. has sought to minimize any time-change difficulties by issuing updates to the most current version of its Windows XP operating system, and the change in time has already been inputted in the new Microsoft Vista, but for computer systems such as Windows 2000, individuals need to be aware that the system will not automatically change the time. So make sure you know what system you have and make the necessary changes!

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