Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where Were They 4 Years Ago?

Where oh where were you Congress 4 years ago when Bush & Company were selling us a load of BS to justify a war with Iraq? Today Hillary Clinton and other Congressmen warned Bush that he better not be preparing for war with Iran without the approval of Congress. And I applaud the stern warning to Mr. Bush. But why wasn't Hillary and her gang demanding such approval before the US invaded Iraq? Why wasn't the intelligence that led to war with Iraq as much in question as the intelligence that links Iran to the death of American US military in Iraq? If Congress had been as inquisitive 4 years ago as they are today, maybe thousands of lives could have been saved.

I know that 4 years ago 9-11 was only 2 years old, and any questioning of Bush & Company and the fight on terrorism that the US was taking to them rather than letting them bring it to us, was unpatriotic. But Congressmen and women should have had the balls (or whatever women have) to question Bush then! But politics is a funny thing. Rather than risk a future in office, politicians tell people, or neglect to inform people, what they want to hear, not the truth! Our politicians are so worried about continuing in politics, a "career" for them, that they refuse to stand up for what they believe, or what they feel is best for the country. (Rick Santorum, despite his arrogance, and in my opinion incorrect thinking, stood up for what he believed to be right, and look where he is now. But at least he took a stand)!

When are the American people going to look beyond the lip service and put those in office that fight for them? When are Americans going to elect people who want what's best for the US? I can only hope that day comes soon.

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