Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Beat Goes On! Definitely One Thing On Which I Do Not Agree With Bush

Well, the US military death count in Iraq is now over 2, 400! On Friday, officials at The Pentagon said that the American death toll in Iraq since the start of the war has topped 2,400, 2,401 to be exact. That includes all US military deaths in Iraq since the invasion in March 2003. And in April 2006, the death toll has reached 69! US military death tolls had been declining since November, but April marks an increase. Why? Nobody seems to know the answer to that question. And I must agree with the tens of thousands that marched in Manhattan today, and I ask the question, "Why?"

It has been over 3 years since Bush & Company, with all their distorted intelligence, fooled Americans into believing invading Iraq was a necessary evil, but what has the US accomplished? Almost everyday, at least another American life is lost. And I am sure everyday an Iraqi life is lost! There seems to be no more stability in Iraq in April 2006 than when Saddam Hussein was toppled. Chaotic! That seems to be the right word to describe Iraq. Oh, I forgot, Iraq has a constitution! And they are working on a government! But big deal! Despite these "advancements", I again ask, "What has the US accomplished in Iraq?"

I know, be patient! Rebuilding a nation takes time! But how much time? I am sure 5 years from now, the situation in Iraq will be just the same as it is today. Maybe in 10 years the same too. Or, Iraq will have had its civil war and a new dictator will be in power! Call me pessimistic, but I cannot find the optimism in Iraq. My prediction is 25 years from now, history will look back on the Bush & Company Iraqi "experiment" as a total disaster, something that never should have happened!

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