Saturday, April 22, 2006

To Blog, Or NOT Too Blog?

That is the question....I find this very helpful in venting, but I am not really sure it's worth doing. Is it a waste? Does anyone really read it or care? Ehhhhh..........maybe? maybe not?


PaxRomano said...

You have to link to other blogs...comment on other blogs, ask them to link to you etc... when all else fails, post nude photos of Samoan miners or something equally as provocative. While your at it, mess with the look of the look of your blog, punch it up add some color ... come on your gay! Where's the flair?!?!

All kidding aside; just keep writing, you are damn good at it.

Merci said...

If it's helpful in venting, then keep going. I stop by frequently, though I don't always comment.

I'll link to you on my blog, though that won't really help much. I'm not so widely read...