Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Learn From That Fork In The Road

About 7 years ago, I came to a fork in the road. I had a decision to make that would forever change my life. I couldn't go straight because that was impossible. It had to be right or left, or the only other choice I had was to sit in the middle and cry! I think I made the right choice, but damn! How I hated those decisions in those days! But today, I look at those forks in the road, those roadblocks, in a different light. Sure, the choice is not always easy, but that choice made me move forward, not just sit in the middle and cry!

We are all faced with roadblocks. We all have to decide which way to move when facing that fork in the road. Sometimes we get so content and complacent with life as it is, that it takes that tough choice to force us to move on. I honestly believe that without these forks, alot of us, myself included, would just stagnate like a still pond of water. Day by day, we go through the same humdrum routine, and don't even realize we are going absolutely nowhere. And then, BOOM! A fork in the road! A roadblock that stops us dead in our tracks! And we must make a choice; a choice that we probably would never make unless we came to that fork.

So maybe instead of looking at the forks in the road as a bad thing, we should view the roadblocks in a more positive light. They force us to move on, to choose, to reinvigerate! They cause us to close one chapter in this book called Life, and begin the next chapter. And so the novel is written. The novel of Me. It's not until we close that final chapter, the end of the book, that we should be content in standing still. And who knows, maybe the book continues even after death.


Merci said...

A road without forks eventually puts you to sleep. You miss out on a lot of what life has to offer when you let it become boring. The tough choice can be the most rewarding in the end.

Merci said...

BTW, this is very well-written. And I love the photo.

Karl said...

Thanks, Merci. Some fork in the road, huh?

PaxRomano said...

Hey I recall when you came across that fork! Several people helped you navigate that detour.

Glad you finally came to "our" side of the road!