Sunday, April 30, 2006

NJ's Smoking Ban...2 Weeks Old, And Helping

It seems that NJ's smoking ban in public places such as restaurants and bars may actually be helping some businesses. In today's Press of Atlantic City, the paper reports that although it's too early to tell, some business owners are pleasantly surprised: their business has actually increased! People who stayed away because of the smoke are now coming in! In the article, a chef from a local Pub & Grill reported the NJ smoking ban as being very positive for that particular business. People who stayed away because they disliked the cigarette smoke, are now coming in!

I was in the Sands Casino the Saturday the ban went into effect. One of the very first things I overheard once I got off the elevator was 2 women stating how happy they were that they could now go eat in the Sands without all that smoke! And I did indeed notice a lesser smell of smoke in the Sands, although smoking is still allowed on the gaming floor.

As I have said before, and will probably say again, smokers are dinosaurs! Smoking is out! Breathing healthy air is in! All the crying in the world about rights, lack of business, or any other argument in favor of smoking is a shear waste of time! (If there was any drug on the market today that had the side effects that cigarette smoking does, that product would be pulled off the shelves immediately)!

I am going to be so bold as to suggest that smoking should be banned from the casino gaming floors as well! The amount of money the casinos take in would not drop as is so much feared. And who knows, like bars and restaurants are finding out, maybe business in the casinos would actually increase!


Joe Tornatore said...

If I were a deck builder, i would be making a killing right now. All these bars are scrambling to add an outside deck to allow smokers sanctuary. Dreams of riches...up in smoke.

Karl said...

I hear u, but I believe even outside the law states the smoking area has to be so many feet from the building/door. Guess the owners of the bars will be buying the properties next door.