Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Let The Guilty Pay!

Hats off to Maryann Cottrell, an activist who has been snapping photos of people illegally parked in handicapped parking spaces. Cottrell has caught over 400 people, including Donovan McNabb, who appeared in court Wednesday, and Jeremiah Trotter, who also paid the fine. This was the second court date for McNabb and Trotter, who failed to appear for the original court date about a month or so ago. Neither Eagle was supposedly driving their vehicles. McNabb was in the hospital and his bodyguard, Troy Oglesby, admitted to using McNabb's vehicle. Trotter was allegedly in his vehicle, but not driving! Both owners are responsible for their respective vehicles.
It is about time someone stops people from occupying these designated handicapped spots when they themselves are not handicapped. People, who are perfectly capable, are just too damn lazy to walk a few extra feet! Cottrell is not a very popular person right now, but I say, "Way to go, Maryann! Keep it up!"

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