Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gay? Not Gay? Does It Really Matter?

Ever since this year's American Idol began, speculation about contestant Adam Lambert's sexual preference has been swirling. Like it or not, questions about Adam's sexuality will not go away. I ask: does it really matter?
Does it really matter if Adam is straight, bi, or gay? Does it really matter if anybody is straight, bi, or gay? Americans are so hung up on this issue that it sometimes irritates the hell out of me! Does a person's sexual preference make them better or worse? Does a person's sexual preference make them any better or less a performer?
Americans are so hung up with pigeon-holing people into boxes! Someone's sexuality is only a small part of the person! Who really cares? What difference does it really make? Should anybody be identified by who they sleep with?
By the way, as far as I'm concerned, Adam Lambert could be Martian! He's still NUMBER 1!
ADDENDUM (2 hours later):
OK. Yes, I admit that I am curious at to whether or not Adam is gay! But does this have to be the focus of the media on Adam or anyone else? When Adam gives an answer, accept it! Remember Clay Aiken? He said he wasn't gay and that was what the media should have stopped with the questioning at that point. The truth always has a way of coming out anyway. Perhaps if a celeb does come out, it will give someone else the courage to also come out, but if nobody can come out until he is ready.


Pax Romano said...


You are probably one of the smartest people I know; therefore, if you think about it, you will understand that the only reason this kid's sexuality is in question (and I don't watch the show, but even I have heard about this) is because such a controversy (if that's what this is), "sells tickets". It's nothing more than a PR spin that will cause more and more people to tune in to American Idle to see the possibly gay boy sing.

It's very simple.


Karl said...

Good point, Pax! Guess you and I never were big sellers?

Pax Romano said...

Yeah but if we were on TV everyone would be saying, "Those two impossibly handsome middle aged men are too good to be true, they must be gay!!"

The Real Social Workers of New Jersey...coming soon to a TV near you!

mommanator said...

you two r tooooo funny. I think Adam is a great singer, but somehow I dont think he will win, guess its the negativity in me coming out?
It really has been good this year

Karl said...

Especially when they see you dance and me cook!