Sunday, May 15, 2005


Leonard Pitts, Jr., commementator, asks today, "WHEN DID GOD BECOME A REPUBLICAN?" After much discussion, he concludes that "God is not a Republican." But democrats, don't get all excited.....I do not think God is a Democrat either!


PaxRomano said...

Excellent article!!!

Medbh said...

again. I agree with the Pax--BUT--the spiritual being that is more than us--ain't no MAN either.

I posted many months ago on how all male dominated religions are the origins of all prejudice.

If the supreme being is wrought in the image of one gender, over another,it is so eeeasy for those of an intolerant type of consciousness to steam roll that concept of I am better than you.

Hence, serfdom, slavery, thirld world debt, war rape, Islam, fundamentalists, Catholicism, et al.

bring back the goddess