Monday, May 30, 2005


While in NYC this weekend, I saw NAKED BOYS SINGING for my second time. This musical, an all-male review with 8 naked, yes, totally naked men singing, is a satire about just how really uptight we are about nudity. And how true this is especially in the American culture. We somehow tend to equate nudity with sex. For the most part, the naked human body is a thing of beauty, and nudity, in and of itself, is actually a wonderful thing. Naked Boys Singing is gay-themed, but targets a well rounded audience consisting of gays, straights, women, and just about everything inbetween. The funny thing about Naked Boys Singing is that after about half way through the first song, you seem to forget that the guys are naked. It becomes just another musical. Only when the guys bring to your attention that they are indeed naked, do you again realize that these 8 men, clad only in their birthday suits, are on stage in front of you singing, dancing, and swinging in the buff. Humorous, yes. A definite message? Yes. And since seeing Naked Boys Singing, I haven't put my clothes back on.


PaxRomano said...

So does that mean that you will be coming to work nude?

Naked Men Working: Playing now in Hammonton, New Jersey!!

Karl said...

You better hope not!

Skippy said...

I saw Naked Boys Singing in LA many years ago, and I agree, after the initial shock of having pretty average penises (peni?) waving in front of you, you totally forget that they are naked. Good times, good times.