Friday, May 20, 2005

Mark Morford, SF Gate columnist, asks, "if we (U.S) are the Great Liberator, the great Crammer Down of Democratic Values...why do we not bomb the living hell out of Saudi Arabia and call it a war?" Instead we bomb Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11. We bomb Iraq whose former dictator, Saddam Hussein, hated Osama bin Laden. We bomb Iraq which had no WMD.
Mr. Morford admits he is talking "silly"when he suggests the U.S. bomb another country. But, the majority of the WTC bombers were Saudi. The Saudis treat their women only a notch above the Taliban. Political prisoners in Saudi Arabi are routinely tortured. Journalists are systematically arrested in Saudi Arabia. Human rights groups have been appalled by Saudi treatment of its people. And yes, Saudi Arabia has poured millions of dollars into terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda.
The difference between Iraq and Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia also invests billions (with a "B") of dollars into the American economy. And Saudi Arabia cooperates fairly well in providing oil to the U.S.
The real reason behind the Iraq situation in Mark Morford's opinion? "Empire. The rush to neoconservative power. And perpetuation of fear as a means to securing that power for many years to come."

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