Wednesday, May 18, 2005

WWJT (What Would Jesus Think)?

I sometimes wonder what Jesus thinks about all that is done in his name. Watching the recent death of a pope, and the subsequent election of a new pope, all that I could was what Jesus taught against, the Scribes and Pharisees and the hierarchy of the Jewish establishment of Jesus' day.
And now, the Catholic Church is refusing to allow Haley Waldman, a 9 year old suffering from celiac spruce disease, from taking her first holy communion. (Celiac spruce disease is an allergic reaction to wheat based products). Haley could receive a rice based wafer, but the Catholic Church says a rice based host is unacceptable.
When Jesus said, "do this in rememberance of me", do you really think he was speaking about the elements used in communion? No! Jesus was talking about the act of spiritually "taking" of his body and blood. But the Catholic Church, in all its wisdom, does not agree with this interpretation.
What is even more sad, is that people are duped into believing that man made religion and churches brings about communion with God. What must Jesus be thinking now?

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