Thursday, May 26, 2005


I really have to hand it to Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California. She has got bigger balls than most of the men either the Senate or House.
Firstly, she stood firm on the right of Senators to filibuster, and she was a major reason Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist never dropped the "nuclear option." Secondly, Senator Boxer is standing firm in her opposition to the approval of John Bolton as UN Ambassador.
It is a triumph for the Democratic party to have a person such as Senator Barbara Boxer oppose the Bush machine and stand up for democracy and decency.
We don't hear alot from Senator Hilary Clinton these days. Perhaps she is too busy moving to the right in an attempt to get votes in 2008? Perhaps Hilary does not want to make too many waves? A coworker of mine recently said that Hilary was "in bed with the bankers" when she voted for the new bankruptcy law, which in my opinion, only serves to punish low to middle class Americans while helping the banks and credit card corporations. And when I checked, sure enough, Hilary voted YES to restrict the rules of bankruptcy.
Maybe it should be Senator Barbara Boxer who gets the Democratic nomination for president in 2008?

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Medbh said...

she has become the hero to so many. It is a shame that she stands alone so often. A shame and a disgrace.
Although, a NJ Senator, Frank Lautenberg, is often by her side.