Friday, May 27, 2005


LoCicero Family
Despite all the nonsense that goes on in NJ (dirty politics, high car insurance, etc.), I have to say that I am proud of NJ's progressive thinking in the area of civil rights, particularly in the area of equal rights for gay individuals. NJ has an extensive domestic partners law, has ruled in favor of a lesbian couple for consortium damages, and now has legally allowed a lesbian domestic partner to share in equal parenting rights of their daughter.
NJ has traditionally been a "blue" state, and I am certainly happy about that. NJ's legistlators, both state and federal, seem to really care about civil rights. My prediction is that this will continue as John Corzine probably will be elected NJ Governor in 2005. And who knows, maybe NJ will be one of the next states to allow gay marriage.

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PaxRomano said...

You know something? I agree! We dog The Garden State, and yet, next to the New England States, we are making great in-roads for equality!